Red Lines

The Holy Word Of God — I remember this day, when a relative was 11 or 12, I sat down with him. I gave him my bible having him to read a few scriptures. As he was beginning to read, he yelled out to me and said, Auntie, I see red lines all over the pages. I stopped him from reading because I became nervous at what he was seeing. It became apparent that he had not given his heart to Christ yet. I immediately stopped him from reading; I didn’t know what to do at that moment.


I share this because of the many that are saved play so many manipulative games using self righteousness influences by logic narratives daily misguided by the influence strategy and most often not being led by our inward friendships — The Holy Spirit, who job is to testify of Jesus every second of the breath of life.  You see, after my nephew informed me he was seeing red lines over the pages of The Book, it confirms all over again The day of Jesus crucified experience for man kind and to not take the life of the righteousness of Jesus lightly especially if you have been given the exclusive deed to be an edifying gift to the body— a Levi gift.

Sonya Buchanan/12:35am