Sunday’s Morning Message

How to Get Free from the Religious Spirit
And How NOT to Get Free

Rules In the Place of Relationship

We do the same thing today. It’s easier to follow a set of rules and regulations than it is to interact with God personally. We can check off a list of religious activities to satisfy our obligation to God, yet our hearts can still feel far from Him.

Moving out of a religious spirit involves engaging our hearts, to where we move to passionate love connection based on grace and get out of drone living that goes through the motions.
Heart connected life takes time, investment and a different pace of life. It involves facing our pain, recognizing our weakness and allowing vulnerability in our relationships. A religious spirit bucks against all of that.
How NOT to Get Free of a Religious Spirit:
Many who realize they have been infected with the virus of a religious spirit often take the wrong steps to freedom, often leading them into other problems.
Here are some ways to NOT get free of a religious spirit.

1. Swing the pendulum in the opposite direction.

In reaction to religious legalism and Pharisaical living, many wounded souls turn to other extremes, abandoning certain moral compasses or foundational values. Some become lawless. Others reject the values that are important to whole living. Instead of throwing away the counterfeit motivation of a religious spirit, they abandon the good things that a religious spirit tainted.

2. Get bitter.

A huge mistake is to carry that unresolved resentment, anger and bitterness through life, without letting God heal and redeem those wounds in your heart.

3. Shut off God.

Even though certain leaders have mis-represented God, many can see God as the problem through it all. They get angry with Him and shut Him out.

4. Become disrespectful.

I watch a lot of scenarios where people find more freedom in Christ and then shove that freedom in the faces of those bound in a religious spirit. Instead of growing in compassion and having a heart of honor, we develop a superiority; as though “we have something — they don’t.” That arrogance will land you into a whole new religious spirit.

How to Walk into Freedom:
In order to walk into more freedom from a religious spirit, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. There is always more freedom available.

One of the greatest truths I have learned is that there is always more freedom in Christ than I could ever imagine. Just when I think I am free, there is more available. I never want to think I have arrived and I never want to posture my heart as being more free than others.
There is more freedom in Christ than we could every imagine.

How to Get Free from the Religious Spirit