Things To Do During Winter

Hey Hey everybody,

It looks like a cold winter this year.  Having a cold winter is good for the earth fruits and vegetables nutrition.  For the folk, a cold winter means, a higher gas bill and dressing warm around the fire place.

So, whatever you do, remember to enjoy every minute of it the best way you can.  Here are a few suggestions for winter 2016:

  1. Purchase a new journal for 2017. (shop for journals —> Journals   )
  2. Plan Your Summer Vacation
  3. Go over years goals
  4. Begin writing next year goals
  5. Write a book
  6. Arrange photos
  7. Take inventory of items
  8. Make an Awesome Breakfast
  9. Nap
  10.  Make Candy
  11. Take an Online Class or Tutorial
  12. Happy Hour
  13. Redecorate
  14. Fireside Camp Out
  15. Pajama Day in Bed
  16. Take a Luxurious Bath
  17. Shop Your Closet

CP/Sonya Buchanan/7:38am

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