I Got To Say It

Lord cover us by your Holy Spirit. The disrespect is out of control over this Presidential Election.

After a people have reacted out of their emotions, the results are just.  The people didn’t vote and now the United States have a president nobody wants.  This sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The fact, a couple of years ago, everyone wanted to be on his TV show.

Lord God, are there any clause that a people can cause a person to resign from a position due to not having the appearance of not having any experience as the President of the United States?  If not, than the emotional rebutted is a waste of time.

Father during this time, protect their emotions from the disrespect in the President elect Donald Trump cabinet.  I pray that you guide and cover in wisdom during the 4 years in office – our nation is being watched by our outside enemies – cause our enemies to be at peace with the US.

Lord I trust that you will continue to be at the top of the mountain as our Father and Lord.  In Jesus Name.


CP/Sonya Buchanan