New Overseer

Let’s see! Today is an interesting day.  I was awakend about 4am this morning hearing about a protest in Chicago that was formed against the United States Elect — President Donald Trump.  Yes, President Donald Trump!

I do admit there was a side of me wanting to know what the Former — President Obama had to say about the broken hearted, the hurt, and the apprehension out cry of the visual refusal to accept America (legal poll selection)  leader of laws and bills for the next four years.

As like all things, abrupt transition from months of faith believing your poll choice would be the next President of the United States could cause somewhat of a major disbelief of reality.  And to add, well, when you add 10 million others with the same emotion — you get a protest, video’s, intellectual interviews and many many more social abrasive opinions.

America, I cannot tell you how to adjust to the Presidential Elect winnings of those who voted and the decision of those who did not vote.

United States of America, now is our individual responsibility, to cover our nation in prayer. To pray for bills and laws to be implemented fairly. To pray for the health of our nation to be healed from the heart of the foundation first, starting with you — one by one as like a domino effect of respect; love is a choice and heavens command but respect is our nation laws.

If you’re going to protest together, this may be a great time to discuss with your protest peers, for many changes, addressing our nation laws and implementing new ones. As the 70’s song goes, ” I’m just a “Bill only a Bill”. (Smiles)

May peace reign in the hearts of the people.



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