Sibling Laughter

I’m in a laughing mood this morning.

Having a conversation with my brother on Friday.  I mentioned that I wanted to cook and have a party for the graduation class of 2016.  This is how the conversation goes.

Me: Hey brother, I’m thinking about cooking for the class of 2016.

Brother:  Naw, I going to take the class of 2016 out to dinner.

Me: Really? Don’t you think it would be cheaper to cook?

Brother: Cook? You cook?  You’re not cooking. Every time I come to your house and look in your refrigerator, I want to sing a Negro spiritual.ssss

Brother: After the Negro Spiritual song, faint.

Me: Nut case, why are you singing a Negro Spiritual song?

Brother: Ms want to cook – You never have any food.

Me:  hahaha  Now what is the name of the Negro Spiritual song you’re singing?

Oh My God!  That was clearly hilarious to me.