Have You Moved To 2016 Yet

We are 21 days into the new year and it seems as if old ways are trying to slide its way into our new year of greater things.

Here are a few points, some that are comical, that state that you are still in 2015.

  1. You’re bitter.
  2. You’re negative.
  3. You’re focusing on your neighbor of what they should not do instead of your own.
  4. You’re paying for Christmas gifts you charged to impress folk that don’t like you. (laughter moment)
  5. You’re still trying to connect with people who avoided you in 2015.
  6. You are a stronghold to somebody, trying to tell them who they are not but they are ignoring you; you’re not their God.
  7. You are praying for others to change but the Holy Spirit didn’t instruct you to utter the words because you’re not Him.
  8. You’re Jealous of the same folk in 2015 but they don’t even recognize that you exist.
  9. Your negative self talk that existed in 2015 is still the same negative conversation in 2016.
  10.  Your old negative unproductive 2015 friends are your closest friends in 2016. (iron sharpens iron.. oh really)
  11.  Your diet has not changed and you’re over 40.
  12. You see yourself from a yesterday perspective but others sees you as the greatest person of hope.
  13. You are stuck in your old environment and all you have to do is change address to a new environment. (Your thinking)
  14. You are still scared to tell people NO.
  15. You make opinionated commits about people you don’t know and have not ever communicated with.
  16. You still are sharing all your business on social network in 2016 but social network means for it to be a social experience and not a therapy experience. 
  17. You’re still taking pictures naked of your booty but in 2016 is a year of self respect.

These are a few things that could say you are stuck in 2015 in the new year 2016.

Come up with your own list – make it comical if you like.


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