Where The Heart Is

A pregnant teen goes on the road with her dreamer boy friend, who abandons her in a Wal-Mart store in Oklahoma. Left alone with virtually no money, she hides out in the store for 6 weeks until her baby is born. After the birth, she gets national recognition as giving birth to the “Wal-mart baby”. She makes friends with two local women (Stockard Channing as a religious, but promiscious woman & Ashley Judd as a woman with a pile of kids, who also seems to have considerable man problems until she marries the local exterminator). She also becomes friends with the Wal-mart photographer, who leads her to a career, and with a young man who runs the library and takes her of his alcoholic sister, who is the real librarian….
Natalie Portman- Novalee Nation, Ashley Judd- Lexie Coop, Stockard Channing- Thelma ‘Sister’ Husband, Joan Cusack- Ruth Meyers, James Frain -Forney Hull