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When teaching the word of God and representing the word, error is not permissible. If it will be, it places the Christ body in bondage.                         —Sonya Buchanan

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The healing with anything begins first with you within. Daily, that is the most important decision at the start.

—Sonya Buchanan—


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I’m a big fan of dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are our first casualty in life – people seem to give them up, quicker than anything, for a ’reality.’

—Kevin Costner—

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Take this as the secret of Christ’s life in you: His Spirit dwells in your innermost spirit. Meditate on it, believe in it, and remember it until this glorious truth produces within you a holy fear and wonderment that the Holy Spirit indeed abides in you.

-Watchman Nee

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Every true work is not done to the poor. Every true work is done to Me.

–Watchman Nee



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My father had taught me to be nice first, because you can always be mean later, but once you’ve been mean to someone, they won’t believe the nice anymore. So be nice, be nice, until it’s time to stop being nice, then destroy them.”
Laurell K. Hamilton, A Stroke of Midnight


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Nature yields her most profound secrets to those who are determined to uncover them.

The field of science is perhaps the best illustration of how success always seems to come to those who apply the principle of accurate thinking in a persistent, determined effort. America’s great inventor Thomas A. Edison is said to have failed 10,000 times in his attempt to develop a workable electric light bulb. He learned from each failure and refused to quit until he succeeded. Breakthroughs occur every day because a determined person continues to search for solutions to complex problems long after everyone else has given up and gone home. You may not invent the light bulb or the next supercomputer, but you can find creative solutions to old problems if you apply the proven principles of success consistently and persistently.



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Act on your own initiative, but be prepared to assume full responsibility for your acts

One of the primary differences between those who achieve greatness in their lives and those who manage only to “get by” is that successful people learned early in life that they were responsible for their own actions. No other person can make you successful or keep you from achieving your goals. Taking the initiative means assuming a leadership role, a position that singles you out for praise — and for criticism. The good leader is the one who shares the credit for success with others and assumes full responsibility for failures or temporary setbacks. When you accept responsibility for your actions, you gain the respect of others and are well on the way to creating your own future.



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The value of actions depends on the courage they require

Ordinary people who do extraordinary things for others are those we later call heroes. When asked why they performed as they did, they often say, “It was nothing anyone else wouldn’t have done in the circumstances.” Perhaps that’s their way of saying we all have the capacity for greatness. It is only when we are severely tested that we rise to the occasion and perform at the highest levels of our competence. You become a person who does the right things when presented with great opportunities the same way you achieve success at anything: through force of habit. If you make it a practice to take the appropriate action even when it seems unimportant and insignificant, you will do the right thing — without thinking — in important situations. If you let your actions speak for you, you will never have to worry about others recognizing your contribution.

Napoleon Hill


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The individual with a negative mental attitude attracts troubles as a magnet attracts steel filings.

It is a curious fact of nature that somehow our minds find a way to transform into physical reality the things we think about most. If you expect to fail, you can be sure that you will, and if you find something negative in every opportunity, nothing will ever work out positively for you. Fortunately, the reverse is also true. If you are a happy, positive person, you will attract positive things. You can keep your mindset positive by eliminating negative thoughts the moment they begin to creep into your conscious mind. If you dwell on the negative aspects of every opportunity, you will never accomplish anything worthwhile. Be prudent about the risks you take, but don’t be paralyzed by fear of failure.


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Before opportunity crowns you with great success, it usually tests your mettle through adversity

Adversity provides the resistance necessary to develop the strength to overcome great obstacles. This strength consists of self-confidence, perseverance, and, very importantly, self-knowledge. For if you do encounter a setback, it is a clue to a personal weakness. You may have been hasty in judging a competitor, or you may have been too timid in your vision of what needed to be done. Let adversity be your guide to understanding where you mis-stepped and which qualities you need to cultivate. No one rejoices in disappointment, but if you are success-conscious, you can turn the situation into a chance for improving your character, an opportunity you otherwise would have missed.

Napoleon Hill


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(This posted today. This is great insight to file and remember as I go forward in life.)

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You never know who your real friends are until adversity overtakes you and you need cooperation.

Everybody loves a winner, it has been said, but nobody knows you when you’re down and out. One of the often unappreciated benefits of adversity is that it accelerates the process of identifying your true friends. Most of us have many acquaintances and associates, but we are indeed fortunate if we have a handful of real friends. You will very quickly identify yours when you ask them for help. The wise individual is the one who, when asked for assistance, recognizes that he may one day find himself in the same situation.

Napoleon Hill

(This posted today. This is great insight to file and remember as I go forward in life.)

Thank you Napoleon Hill foundation




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Don’t be afraid to aim high when choosing your life’s goal, for no matter how high you aim, your achievements may fall below it.

Many businesses today advocate “continuous improvement” as part of their quality programs. They have realized that to remain competitive in today’s global economy they must constantly strive to improve every aspect of the business, otherwise they will be overtaken by the competition. The same ethic applies to individuals. All of life is a continuous learning experience. Every success and every temporary setback only serve to prepare you for the time when you will eventually prevail. Your short-and medium-term goals should be realistic and achievable, but your long-term goals should always far exceed your present capabilities. As the Roman poet Virgil said, “Fortune sides with him who dares.”

Napoleon Hill



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Wisdom consists in knowing what not to want as well as what to want

Your goals should also be designed to create rewards that are most important to you, not to someone else. Some experimentation may be required, particularly during your early years, to find what you really like and what you’re best at. Career and financial goals should be balanced with personal goals such as maintaining relationships with people who are important to you. Your plan for your life should also include some fun goals, doing something simply because you enjoy doing it. Spiritual development is also important in becoming a happy, well-rounded person. Make sure you allow time for all important aspects of your personal development.

Napoleon Hill


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