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A Place…..

It’s hard for me to walk away from what the Lord has spoken.  I’m not a religious person, I am a believer. I’m not a materialistic person, I buy what I like. I’m not a competitive person because I am aware of who I am. I’m not interested in fake, I enjoy real honesty. I simply believe God is the coolest and smartest person ever lived but made mankind to need him every waken second.

I believe God has given mankind power but use it to initiate power to advance growth in what He created not what He made in His image. I believe mankind should never remain quiet of mistreatment of others but encourage at every second that chance allows. I believe the hidden heart is always revealed by the outwardly actions and what you speak publicly.

And I know, God word is always revealed in truth no matter how life tries to bind it’s freedom to express…eventually the empowerment of the divine wins…every time — oops “Eternity” wins.

He’s God, who would even try to mishandle His word that is made flesh anyways.

Credit: Sonya Buchanan

Sonya Buchanan/8:45 am

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15337620_1849033935365960_3178945499371626489_n1We are down to 7 more days until the official day of Christmas. Christmas will be on a Sunday this year, on a day that many join other believers to praise our Lord; some join by online access to churches that many who will call their home church.

I send greetings to all.  Stay warm, stay wise, stay connected, stay grateful and most of all stay humble.






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One of the things I’m proud of is that I written a book about my journey.  I took the same path that Jesus did by documenting His journey for the purpose to bless others in their life.

There are several things that are certain by writing a book about your personal journey.  It confirms:

Your experience.

Your qualification in area of expertise.

Your character presentation.

Your leadership distinction qualities.

Your confirm abilities to be who you are purposed to be and to become fully in Christ.

Your footprint in the earth.

Your nobility.

Your lane.

And many more confirmations…….

As like Jesus and His book “The Bible”, no one can never say He is lying about who He is and what He is about.  It is written, documented, and His biography has been the number one sold manuscript for over 40 years.  No one can ever take His position who He was created to be because He is.

That is why everyone who has been on a journey such as Jesus, myself and others has provided documented evidence of what is on printed paper, to say to the earth, I was here and I was created to be…

So I encourage you to begin writing your biography now as your footprint.  By doing so, no one will be able to STEAL your identity as being a special part in the earth that Jesus prepared that place just for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. 

–John 14:3

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November Reign

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Let’s see! Today is an interesting day.  I was awakend about 4am this morning hearing about a protest in Chicago that was formed against the United States Elect — President Donald Trump.  Yes, President Donald Trump!

I do admit there was a side of me wanting to know what the Former — President Obama had to say about the broken hearted, the hurt, and the apprehension out cry of the visual refusal to accept America (legal poll selection)  leader of laws and bills for the next four years.

As like all things, abrupt transition from months of faith believing your poll choice would be the next President of the United States could cause somewhat of a major disbelief of reality.  And to add, well, when you add 10 million others with the same emotion — you get a protest, video’s, intellectual interviews and many many more social abrasive opinions.

America, I cannot tell you how to adjust to the Presidential Elect winnings of those who voted and the decision of those who did not vote.

United States of America, now is our individual responsibility, to cover our nation in prayer. To pray for bills and laws to be implemented fairly. To pray for the health of our nation to be healed from the heart of the foundation first, starting with you — one by one as like a domino effect of respect; love is a choice and heavens command but respect is our nation laws.

If you’re going to protest together, this may be a great time to discuss with your protest peers, for many changes, addressing our nation laws and implementing new ones. As the 70’s song goes, ” I’m just a “Bill only a Bill”. (Smiles)

May peace reign in the hearts of the people.



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I’m starting my own Community Facility to serve others. This has been a desire for many years to give back. My plan and desired goal is to give back in the area by providing emergency items such as: Fans during summer, portable heaters during winter, food, teaching simple gardening, school supplies and personal hygiene supplies for the elderly, families and local charities.

Hi my name is Sonya Buchanan. I’m the founder of Comforting Promises. We have established a place where people individual uniqueness is encouraged by being the best you!

We were established in April 2011. Our community efforts on our website focuses on many forms of encouragement in many different area’s of a person’s well being.

With 5 years meeting our expected goals with our online community efforts.  Now we are taking the same concept, which is a success, as like our online community to the street community.

The first 5 years, we’ve giving food to families, help support families with school supplies, teaching classes on “who are you”, helped established spring vegetable gardens, gave emotional support online and face to face, and we have assisted families with moving to new residence during emergency hardship.

We ask for your help to expend our serving efforts.  We are excited to take our “Be The Best You” motto out to our communities.  I am excited about this project. I’ve been planning this covenant community service for over 20 years; to establish the foundation and now its time to expand the efforts.

We are running this GoFundMe campaign to establish Comforting Promises Community and take our services to the next level, encouraging, and provided what is needed by “Being The Best You”, our motto.

The money raised will go towards the community efforts.

Please donate small or large amount; every single dollar count.  Your donation, no matter how big or small  will certainly help the Comforting Promises Community Organization.

Thank you for contributing to the Comforting Promises Community Project!

Sonya Buchanan

Comforting Promises Community GoFundMe
YouTube Channel


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Great Day,

Not often I take the time to recommend a book for everybody to read.  However, Napoleon Hill’s book Outwitting The Devil is a must read.  I double recommend for every child, teenager, adult to get a copy of this book and chew on the details revealed.

God Bless,

Sonya Buchanan


outwitting the devil 2Using his legendary ability to get to the root of human potential, Napoleon Hill digs deep to reveal how fear, procrastination, anger, and jealousy prevent us from realizing our personal goals. This long-suppressed parable, once considered too controversial to publish, was Outwitting_the_Devil 1written by Hill in 1938 following the publication of his classic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich. Annotated and edited for a contemporary audience by Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Three Feet from Gold co-author Sharon Lechter, this book–now available in paper–is profound, powerful, resonant, and rich with insight.



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I don’t know who is responsible for adding a name into The Hall Of Fame; this one thing must happened before the Obama’s leave the office of the President of the United State, that is, a Star must be added to the The Hall of Fame with a star with both:  The Star will be as follow!

The Obama’s

Michelle Obama

Barak of Obama

Make it happing folk!!!!



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There is an atmospheric change in the air and we are all on one accord knowing this fact. What’s happening……?

The Lord isn’t trying to unite folk “The World Way”, not the way you’re thinking. Nope! The Lord Christ will unite His body globally in Grace – His Kingdom. And He has plenty of time to   arrange His plans.

Grace, Love United

Then….. There are shakings, there are chaos, there are identity confusion, there are fights, there are authority issues and there are divisions everywhere but there are strange occurrences with the animal kingdom. Well……

The Lord destroyed the Tower of Babel mentioned in the book of Genius and He gave the people different languages. To His body, He gave the Holy Spirit and the language of Speaking in our heavenly language for The body of Christ. The world is in chaos maybe because The Lord has knock over the Tower of Babel again. You may ask, what would be the Tower of Babel in our day. I will leave that answer open for you to exercise your thinking muscles. I have my ideas based on my world but you may have your ideas, which I think there are many things that represent the Tower of Babel so to speak.

Here is a solution and here is a responsibility with helping to assist in the global man made mess that “appears” globally. The Christ is simply following His business plan trillions of years ago that He prepared before the physical tangible manifestation of the Earth and the Earth neighborhood other 8 planets; He is continuing uniting His body – His Bride of Christ which He started with the gift of Peter the disciple at Pentecost and it has not changed. It’s like all business owners. (Proverbs 3:13-35) When ever you get off track from the original business plan outline, you shift, you tear down, you reconstruct, you change management and or even you change the name of the business to bring things back to the original foundation.

Some of you may think that the gathering of the body of Christ is only given to the management of the church. Well, He has given gifts to men and women to edify the church. And, the rest of us are like a field of sun flowers, the attributes of Christ to bring a mirror image of heaven and earth as it is. Paul said in his writings, written in the 3 level of revelation, that Paul sows the seed and Apollos water the seed and then God makes it grow. Remember that the management of the church, that assignment or gifts has been given to men and women who has the appointed direction to speak what heaven has spoken already.

Peace Be With You!

CP/SB – 7:00am


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I don’t know whose idea was it to remove the Yolanda Adam’s Morning Show off the radio?

Listen, whoever, that is in charge over the radio sector, marketing concepts including market research? I’m not trying to dictate your job; reflecting on the fact, the YAMS is a Christian platform and you are concerned about the masses, RIGHT? GREAT!  I love the fact that you’ve selected young Mrs. Erica Campbell for the airwaves – right move for this time in US community. However, a concern business move would have highlighted your thoughts to captivate the entirety Community by purchases a 2nd station for Christian air waives to allow the YAMS another 10 years with Erica Campbell following 10 years as well. What powerful annunciation that would make as a whole.

#RadioOne, I do not comprehend the decision and strongly believe your business alternative is not the right time removing The YAMS.  Yolanda, Anthony and Marcus are out of alignment on the morning of Friday April 22, 2016.

Why would you remove a seasoned, anointed representation of Christ from a morning commute. Yes, truth, Ms. Yolanda is by the book and remains in alignment to His word.  And the truth is, by the end of the week, the person who are in desperate need for a word before an office meeting, a customer irate caller, a teacher preparing for teenagers and a lawyers for morning court, are able to retain their peace and gather a sense of faith for that day.

Yolanda’s Points of Power, Marcus mini preaching comical sermons and Anthony’s Points of Power back up and his slick way of sliding the raw real truth in a conversation; all gives a litany daily to listening audience.

#RadioOne, the appearance says that you didn’t consider the masses but I say that you perhaps overlooked a few important components before making a tough decision, by removing The Yolanda Adams Morning Show from 6am – 10am.

For the people, please consider your decision over the going weeks and place back into the early morning voice who clearly represented along with our finest Lady Erica Campbell during the same 6:00am – 10:00am.

Now of course, otherwise, if The YAMS has made the decision and would like a transition (Yolanda’s word) then so be it and I’m happy with the team and staff of The Yolanda Adam’s Morning Show. (Smiles)

Negotiations Awaits The Return,

Sonya Buchanan


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Good Saturday,

An encouraging word:

To you that have been on your road a long time and you cannot see how to get started to what the Father in heaven shared with you.  I want to encourage you today. Stand your ground! You will see your way on how to begin.  I completely understand – I was there many years ago.  On that very day a Holy presence showed up in my bedroom and begin opening my eyes to my lane. He will do for you this day what He did for me.  Hold on to your faith because His word is life, anointed and all power to reveal all you need to know.

Here is a scripture to meditate on.

Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed [is] the man that trusts in the LORD [Yahweh], and whose hope the LORD [Yahweh] is.
8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and [that] spreads out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat comes, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.” (GMR)


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I’m in awe that we are here again! It’s Thanksgiving, another year.  I don’t know if time is moving fast or it seem that it is when you’re older in age.

Nevertheless , it is a time to reflect on many things:

1. The famous “Being Thankful”.

2. The 2nd famous “Being Grateful”.

3. The 3rd famous “Family Time of laughter with those you only see once a year”.

It’s Thanksgiving Eve! Please note, if you’re going to workout for tomorrow official National Glutton Day,  understand every little bit counts.

Have a great Thanksgiving Eve!

Comforting Promises/3:25pm


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Great News,

Comforting Promises website has added an eStore tab.

If you’re looking for our Store tab, it is connected as a drop down tab from the eStore tab for our latest products available.

For additional website updates, visit

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Comforting Promises has new products on the market.  We have designed 5 beautiful Journals that will promote a better you.

Journals are in 5 different designs; 4 Journals include 300 blank pages that will allow you to express your daily thought and or goals for an entire year.  We also have included 1 Journal for short term goals within a 3 month length of time – 93 pages, allowing the goals to be achievable.

For more detailed and purchase information about the 5 journals, visit our page by clicking on the clickable links below. 

The Holidays are approaching and Comforting Promises Journals are a great gift to give to male/females as a personalized gift. 

Journal Entry 1

Journal Entry 300 blank pages


Journal Entry 2

Journal Entry volume 2

Journal Entry 3

Journal Entry volume 3

Journey Entry 4

Journal Entry volume 4

Journal Entry 5

Journal Entry Volume 5 – 3 month 93 pages


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Today is Independence Day. It is the celebration of our national independence.

What does this day mean to me personally; many things? What it does not mean? It does not mean that it gives me the right to speak wrongly about people. It does not give me the right to judge their current circumstances either. True independence is when I can love individuals unconditionally because I/all know from past experiences that life changes as like the seasons.

I will continue practicing independence day daily as I have in the past, by making a wise decision to love unconditionally. As you know, when my/your season’s changes, I/you will be loved the same way you gave it.

Celebrate the national and personal independence day.  It is well deserved by a stamped approved Supreme Court Law and the CEO of Heaven Law of Grace…Elohim.

Be regards!

comforting Promises

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Hey Everybody,

Today some schools and the remaining schools will retire for the summer this week.

I want to take the time to say “Thank You” to our public and private Principles, Teachers, Administratives, safety patrols, and school Bus Drivers. You all have exibited a job well done!

In the beginning of the year, we recorded a video called, “Prayer For Schools”. Our prayer main focus were guided towards the prevention of school shootings during school year 2014 – 2015. From the sight of things, we are unaware of any massive school shootings made public news. That is certainly great news.

However, during the school year of 2014 – 2015, we have been a brute by different types of shootings – unexpected reporting of case after case unarmed men shootings by the Police Department and citizens in cases of innocent victims – reportedly.

In this year “Prayer for Schools 2015 – 2016, we will be committed to overview our aim in prayer to cease fire by using wise decision making prior before deadly measures.

We, Comforting Promises, believe, “Lives” do matter in both the citizen and the Police Department.  The human life are a quality asset in the communities with any financial economical backgrounds and the diversty nationalities.

We look forward to a better school year 2015 – 2016. Best Regards to all school officials. You Rock!!


Comforting Promises/10:10am



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Bobbi Kristina Brown welcome back!!!


Bobbi Kristina, you have been missed.  We have been praying for you to return to us.  We love you.  We are going to continue praying for your precious life.  Blessings dear.


Comforting Promises/6:54am